Kelley Stoltz Likes Traffic Cones

For his first release on Jackpine Social Club, Kelly Stoltz exercises magic on his new full length entitled Antique Glow. Adorning the cover of the album is a sunset and a traffic cone proving the extent of the artist's depictions of orange pylons in various frames of their existence . Combing everything you are dreaming of on one single record is a hard, really hard, but Stolz conquers it with ease shedding a little light on the bright future of Psychedelic Rock Folk-Hop along the way. I'm not quite sure what that means but hey... you can purchase this wonderous record here.

Perpetual Night

Jewel of The Evening


Bark Psychosis Will Not Stain, and is Non-Toxic

If it's hard to wake up... If it's hard to sleep because it's too bright out then Bark Psychosis is the blanket you clutch. Ample for headphone bedroom sessions, during the winter months. This is their first release on Fire Records; I hope you enjoy

If you would like to puruchase Bark Psychosis - Codename: Dust Sucker it is available here.

The Black Meat

Burning The City


The Lunch Money Singles

The Lunch Money Singles is among other things a giant step into a grand world of deep, sophisticated rhythms. The Canadian record label, Bully, released an album of progressive hip-hop beats and copius amounts of cleverly layered samples. This compilation is filled to the brim with talent.

Sixtoo and company are champions of their craft. Making perfect tracks for late night freeway trips, or early morning subway rides. Please buy it here.

Lunch Money Singles

Fob Lights


Buk Out

Dj Signify

The Start of it all...

The Cansecos

As the first step towards the wonderous world of Mp3 blogging I celebrate with a wonderful track. By the Upper Class label residents, The Cansecos. This track comes off the Little Darla Has a Treat for You Vol. 22 compilation, and the band has put together a wonderful full length which you can purchase here.

The Cansecos - Beyond The River

I look foward embarking on this music blogging journey...


'Love and mercy that's what you need tonight. So, love and mercy to you and your friends tonight'

I just arrived back to my home from seeing Brian Wilson. So my breath has been taken from me and the words are just as good as moans and grunts. Brian Wilson is pretty much a prophet, a beacon, and my cure for this disease. Disease. Dis-Ease.

I went to bed last night thinking there are 50 million people out there that agree with me, and a little more than 50 million people that don't. There is no way 50 million people are this dumb. A voice deep inside me found the way out, there are not dumb, they are simple. They are mundane, and shunning any pluralism. Down Home Folks. Most voters voted with their morals and values, their wrecking-ball traditional values. Traditional = Simple.

John and Yoko said 'The war is over....if you want it to be' I guess people really don't want it to be.

I awoke in distress. Is this the karma for an apathetic society? A distracted society driven by fear ?

Where is my cure for this disease?

I found a cure in the voice and mind of a troubled man who's life was a struggle, and after all that heart break he can back come with this heavy, emotionally rescuing music. It fills me with hope.

I need to thank my friends and family. I come to this cure in your solace.

"The arc of history is long, but it bends with justice"
- Martin Luther King Jr.