If IDM were poetry, than Kelpe would be a bohemian armed with barrels of sonnets. At moments it's almost quotable with intricate beats and overlayed warm tonal pads, the marriage of all the sounds suggests a distant kind of hope which is rarely evoked in electronic music today. Making a long playing record that demands your attention from the first track to last is something you would expect from a Boards of Canada or an Autechre. 2004's Sea Inside Body is Kelpe's debut and it holds it's own among the top tier of electronic music. One more special thing, the album art is stunning and represents the noetic qualities of the music. I would not do the cover justice by posting a small image here but you can check it out at Kelpe's website.

Overland But Underwater

Nat's Twirly Mug


Ulrich Schnauss

When I first heard this record, certain feelings raced through my body. I thought I stumbled on to a poppy field or maybe just maybe the NHL started up again. Why was I taken over by all these gleeful thoughts? More like I was being pushed over by Berlin's own Ulrich Schnauss. 2003's full length " A Strangely Isolated Place" strikes a full chord in it's shoe-gazing beat hitting warble. Weaving in and out of epic melody this effort pursues Schnauss a place as a composer more so than a producer.

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I'm felling kind of saucy today which could be because of this 'special holiday cider' buy hey, Happy Birthday J.C that's what I say. So in leu of this and since we are in a electronic state of mind I wanted to share one my favorite tracks by accomplished Icelandic producer Adalsteinn Gudmundsson (AKA Plastik, Rhythm of Snow, Yagya, Sanasol). This track is off the "42 More Things To Do In Zero Gravity" compilation put out buy Thule Records. Hope you enjoy.

Getting Closer To An Unknown Goal - Rhythm of Snow


Bellflur + Landau

Bellflur triumphs on their self titled release which came out in early spring of this year. Slo-core elements blend with ear-catching melodies. The croon of the vocalist, Carlos Gonzalez, contains a subtle warm quality. Seasonaly perfect for this time of year. For more information click here.

Intro Song

Landau comes to me off the Merck Records label, and to my knowledge this is their debut long playing record. The artist provides flare and a not-to-paranoid introspection to the tracks. Tinkered melodies, and beats that lend themselves to the boom-bap of hip hop more so than the beep-bloop of Aphex Twin. The album entitled The Epic Comprimise is fufilling throughout, effortlessly thought provoking with out being pretentoius. For more info click here.

Good Morning Gravity