Bellflur + Landau

Bellflur triumphs on their self titled release which came out in early spring of this year. Slo-core elements blend with ear-catching melodies. The croon of the vocalist, Carlos Gonzalez, contains a subtle warm quality. Seasonaly perfect for this time of year. For more information click here.

Intro Song

Landau comes to me off the Merck Records label, and to my knowledge this is their debut long playing record. The artist provides flare and a not-to-paranoid introspection to the tracks. Tinkered melodies, and beats that lend themselves to the boom-bap of hip hop more so than the beep-bloop of Aphex Twin. The album entitled The Epic Comprimise is fufilling throughout, effortlessly thought provoking with out being pretentoius. For more info click here.

Good Morning Gravity


Blogger hyman? said...

Goddammit...these albums are all well and good, and frankly there have been one or two that inspired that certain special feeling deep within the dark and sacred realm of my inner testicularum, but shit, lets have some more writing too, why don't ya...bring back the stuff. I miss the stuff. Let's have those certain special stories and writings, and we can start to work our way around to the other side, if you know what I mean....


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