Le Rok - Hausarbeiten

The ability to mesmerize with synthesizers. Le Rok crafts melodies for dark-hearted discos with just the right amount of glitchy tendencies complemented by Kraftwerk-eqsue, almost bouncy beat programing. Hausarbeiten translated from German means 'housework'. Picture in your mind, a robotic housekeeper motoring around a modern apartment, performing a set of tasks, almost dancing. You then have a visual representation of the musical ideas this record contains. Synth sounds you want to cut with a warm butter knife seep into your ears. Le Rok provides intelligently layered compositions with scattered vocals sustaining class and charm throughout.

Karaoke Kalk
Le Rok




My Kill Jack's On

Milk Beast's Lullaby is the perfect soundtrack for escape. I'm not speaking of the metaphorical interpretation but rather the literal meaning; actually narrowly avoiding the turmoil of a menacing villain. The cinematic effect of the music takes hold and the images of the movie in your mind begin to project. 2player music is the recording camp behind this release. A small label out of Los Angeles which is presently budding into a resourceful collective of electronic music. My Kill Jack's On is a companion for progressive dancefloors, or lonely late night road trippers. Hope you enjoy.

Cet Homme Grotesque.mp3

Radio Dead.mp3


Freddie Roach and Leon Spencer

Ok I'm not going to lie, this will be a departure in style than my usual posts but not to fret the narcose selections of rock and electronica will indeed return. I've always been swept away by the Hammond B3 organ and endeared by the musicians that master the instrument. I am trying to maintain a certain level of consistency with the feeling the music evokes. Without a doubt this music is all about soul and feeling... so at this point in my devoted delirium I'm thinking it fits right in.

More on the Jazz Organ

Leon Spencer holds down the funk on this track, and the groove is not to be missed. On this track his ability to establish the pocket is instantly gratifying as well as his ability to solo. This track appears on his Legends of Acid Jazz release which compiles some of his rare groove tracks. It is available to purchase here

The Slide.mp3

Freddie Roach provides the more dynamic side of organ jazz. On this album, He shows the instrument's versatility in straight ahead compostions and in other tracks that really, really swing. Freddie Roach is very smart musician and is skilled at taking each piece of music and making it very much his own. These cuts are from the the album, Good Move. The first being a warm, almost psychedelic ballad, and the second is more groove based in which trumpeter, Blue Mitchell, comes close to stealing the show.


Wine, Wine, Wine.mp3


The Occasion

The wonderful thing about good music is it has the power to shed light, it has the power to convince. Only a few times has a record caputured my state of mind as well as The Occasion's self-titled 2003 release. The Occasion has a knack for songcraft in a style which brings to mind early Genesis, but with the moodiness of some of today's post rock elements. It's a combination that is all together stimualting. Indeed they are from N.Y.C but this band needs to be set apart from their other post-punk citymates because they caputre the vastness of this whole country in a calm sometimes dark manner.

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A Dulcimer's Fantasy

The Deserters