Birds of America

Earnest sounds for earnest ears. Upon every listen, Birds of America reminds me of a wonderful balance. The light guitar strums, add occasional analog tinkerings, add some fuzzy guitar tones. I'm hooked. The songs are lyrically rewarding because the lack of effort to always be 'saying something'. It's like each one is a peek at a thought or a string of thoughts. A friend is just kind of day-dreaming, and you ask "What are you thinking about?," you usaully get an "Oh nothing." It feels to me Birds of America shares those thoughts with us.

The lo-fi pop symmetry could bring some Neutral Milk Hotel or more recently, Mountain Goats comparisons, but I think the feel is a bit more nostalgic ; some of the more somber parts of All Things Must Pass , definitely come to mind. I believe Nathaniel Russell is the main force behind Birds of America . They have recorded one full length and a 7" on the Isota camp, which is, as well as, Mr. Russel , based in Berkeley, CA. The full length entitled, Current Carry is available to purchase here.

Between The Blue And Blackened Dew.mp3

I Wish I Was Born An Animal.mp3

...And an all time favorite

George Harrison - Apple Scruffs.mp3


Spartan Fidelity

Spartan Fidelity is a duo of brothers. Cinjun and Shelby Tate were formally in the band, Remy Zero (most recently there song "Fair" was featured in the film Garden State.). Unfortunately, Remy Zero does not make music together anymore. Though upon listening to Spartan Fidelity's Excava-11, it is clear that Cinjun and Shelby are presently on a creative rampage. They shed their pop/rock identity and now don a different cloak. Cinjun's angelic voice still swarms through the speakers. The song writing is still personal, and mysterious. Lyrics you break like code which allows for a fulfilling triumph. But something integral changed. Something got switched on and I like it... a lot. I think this project allows Cinjun and company to progress somewhere that the Remy Zero ship did not go. I am looking forward to the rest of this journey. Even-though I tend to step cautiously, I believe venturing to this place will be very enlightening.

To purchase Excava-11 click here.

Broken Drum.mp3


A Needle In the Grinding Eye.mp3


Mood II Swing

Guest DJ Set 2.7.05.mp3

Kin KIn Yu

Everything Changes
Static Discos

Meanest Man Contest
I Was Only Kidding
Weapon Shaped

Bewley In White Puffer
S/T 12"

Photon Band
It's A Lonely Planet
It's A Lonely Planet



Music for dusk. Music for dawn. Brushing the sleep from your eyes, you become motivated by the pulsating unpredicted rhythms. The plopping sounds of Kiln are reminiscent of paint dripping on an empty canvas. The use of space, and the kinetic arrangements allow for the listener to fill in the blanks. The tonal quality is amiable as it collides with the see-sawing clicks, and the vociferous, lo-fi loops . There is no sense of urgency, permitting for a their presence to be at times, soothingly ambient or other times seem highly active. Kevin Hayes, Kirk Marrison and Clark Rehberg III make up Kiln , and they released 2004's Sunbox on the Ghostly International camp. Below you will find a track from the Ghostly Int. Idol Tryouts Compilation, as well as a selection from Sunbox respectively.




Hop in the shower. I'll just leave the mp3 on the night stand.

This a totally random post for a random day. Freescha works well when watching flashing lightning and thick Los Angeles rain.

Freescha - The Sun is Still.mp3



Somewhere in between Angelo Badalamenti and Boards Of Canada lies Ochre . The formula is a good one. The haunting melodies meet diverging, dynamic beat production, and in return you get is this magnificent nexus. The glitchier sounds are placed brilliantly among the funkier combination of kicks and snares. Chris Leary, the name behind Ochre, perpetuated the success of his music with use of the internet. He won a online remix contest held by Rephlex artist Global Goon. Shortly after the London based label, Toytronic, released his debut E.P entitled A Midsummer Nice Dream . The E.P is very concise, and ultimately satisfying in it's look towards composition. I do think though there is some inspiration gathered from some film composers like Badalamenti , and Philip Glass. Drawing from those melodic ideas and then furthering them with a great sense of rhythm.

Sticklebrick Symphony.mp3

Breakbeat Phase Remix.mp3

Zelda Remix.mp3

Like I Love You Remix.mp3


Department Of Eagles

This music unravels me. Slowly, but surely I shed the cloak of a (insert common compliant i.e.; 'really bad day') and I'm soaked. I'm inside the belly of the beat. Department of Eagles not only transcends the boundary of genre, but it leaves nothing in it's path. The combinations of tape loops and spoken samples, acoustic guitars and drum machines infiltrate your body. Setting up camp inside you and causing beat-boy like swaying and head bobbing. Department of Eagles is made up of two members, Butterfly Emerging, and Iron Chrysalis. The justices of peace in this marriage of folk elements, electronica, and breaks. This duo caught the ear of Isota Records , a bay area label, which released one full length , entitled Whitey On The Moon UK LP , and pressed some limited 7 inches. The music they are offering is indeed inspiring but I think it's more than that. It perpetuates creative thoughts in helping you forget everything else around you. It does so with exceptional production, and a wide assortment of ear pleasing sounds. All the while maintaining wit and humor. Iron Chrysalis said it best I think..." America defines, Britain refines. Japan rewinds. Bulgaria reminds. In turn, I take your mind and shove beats in it. That's just how I do." 

Dinner For Two.mp3

Ghost In Summer Clothes.mp3

Noam Chomsky Spring Break 7" Version.mp3


Jimmy Smith 1925 - 2005

A couple of posts ago, I proclaimed my love for the Hammond B-3 organ, and it's use in jazz music. The pioneer and master of the style I am so drawn too passed away at the age of 79. Jimmy Smith performed with the boldness of royalty and was considered the ultimate genius of the jazz organ. The organ was more than an instrument to Mr. Smith. It seemed to be an extension of his body. He spawned copious amounts of imitators but he possessed flare and moxie that goes unmatched. He will be missed.

Chicago Sun Times article

Buy Jimmy Smith Recordings Here

Jumpin' The Blues.mp3



Cumulonimbus is almost too much to take. I am not saying that there is a literal heaven, or nirvana or valhalla, but just in case, we have Cumulonimbus with their mellow-idm grooves awaiting in the clouds. The three track Precipitation EP provides soundscapes with an intuitive quality, consoling your body with the warm analog melodies. The music travels with you as you mentally hop-scotch trough the sky, and the use of headphones further expands this effect. The beat pulls and pushes. Loss of free will. Head nods. Cumulonimbus takes over. Though the recording itself might be hard to track down it's well worth the digging. Precipitation EP is the second release of the Ninja Tune/Hombre's successful joint efforts. Click to buy (UK Store).



Say Hi To Your Mom

Say Hi To Your Mom puts me in a specific place. A nice place where rock hipsters roam with laptop nerds collaborating to form some sort of agreement. Lyrically it makes you feel like your reading the free form diary of a 'poet of the future'. Words with a personal stamp which could easily be tapped into by art-school attendees from Williamsburg to Silverlake. From the shoe gazing, and hook filled "But She Beat My High Score" to the caustic cultural insight of "Pop Music of The Future," Say Hi To Your Mom is consoling during those sleepiness nights. It's almost to the musical equivalent to that friend that you think is flaking on you for sure, but than calls at the last second.

To purchace Say Hi To Your Mom's 2004 release Numbers & Mumbles click here.


She Beat My High Score.mp3

Pop Music Of Future.mp3


Let's Go Sailing

Los Angeles pop/rock outfit, Let's Go Sailing, craft really sweet songs with a harmonious amount of self-awareness. The tender approach of vocalist Shana Levy is apparent as she provides an enigmatic whisper which weaves in and out of the beautifully arranged instrumentation. The band together collaborates to form a very comfortable sound which almost cradles the listener in it's arms. The musical bond they share is completely audible and concrete. This is one of those bands; you get to a certain point in the day, and you are like 'Okay, it's time to hear Let's Go Sailing.'

All I Want From You Is Love.mp3

Better Off.mp3