Department Of Eagles

This music unravels me. Slowly, but surely I shed the cloak of a (insert common compliant i.e.; 'really bad day') and I'm soaked. I'm inside the belly of the beat. Department of Eagles not only transcends the boundary of genre, but it leaves nothing in it's path. The combinations of tape loops and spoken samples, acoustic guitars and drum machines infiltrate your body. Setting up camp inside you and causing beat-boy like swaying and head bobbing. Department of Eagles is made up of two members, Butterfly Emerging, and Iron Chrysalis. The justices of peace in this marriage of folk elements, electronica, and breaks. This duo caught the ear of Isota Records , a bay area label, which released one full length , entitled Whitey On The Moon UK LP , and pressed some limited 7 inches. The music they are offering is indeed inspiring but I think it's more than that. It perpetuates creative thoughts in helping you forget everything else around you. It does so with exceptional production, and a wide assortment of ear pleasing sounds. All the while maintaining wit and humor. Iron Chrysalis said it best I think..." America defines, Britain refines. Japan rewinds. Bulgaria reminds. In turn, I take your mind and shove beats in it. That's just how I do." 

Dinner For Two.mp3

Ghost In Summer Clothes.mp3

Noam Chomsky Spring Break 7" Version.mp3


Blogger Cory said...

The lack of banter is ponderous.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I NEED to get this record!


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