Music for dusk. Music for dawn. Brushing the sleep from your eyes, you become motivated by the pulsating unpredicted rhythms. The plopping sounds of Kiln are reminiscent of paint dripping on an empty canvas. The use of space, and the kinetic arrangements allow for the listener to fill in the blanks. The tonal quality is amiable as it collides with the see-sawing clicks, and the vociferous, lo-fi loops . There is no sense of urgency, permitting for a their presence to be at times, soothingly ambient or other times seem highly active. Kevin Hayes, Kirk Marrison and Clark Rehberg III make up Kiln , and they released 2004's Sunbox on the Ghostly International camp. Below you will find a track from the Ghostly Int. Idol Tryouts Compilation, as well as a selection from Sunbox respectively.




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