Let's Go Sailing

Los Angeles pop/rock outfit, Let's Go Sailing, craft really sweet songs with a harmonious amount of self-awareness. The tender approach of vocalist Shana Levy is apparent as she provides an enigmatic whisper which weaves in and out of the beautifully arranged instrumentation. The band together collaborates to form a very comfortable sound which almost cradles the listener in it's arms. The musical bond they share is completely audible and concrete. This is one of those bands; you get to a certain point in the day, and you are like 'Okay, it's time to hear Let's Go Sailing.'

All I Want From You Is Love.mp3

Better Off.mp3


Anonymous Fari said...

Cory, the picture doesn't work:(

Blogger Cory said...

Hmmm, it seems to be working on my browser.

Anonymous Fari said...

Works now too:D

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