Somewhere in between Angelo Badalamenti and Boards Of Canada lies Ochre . The formula is a good one. The haunting melodies meet diverging, dynamic beat production, and in return you get is this magnificent nexus. The glitchier sounds are placed brilliantly among the funkier combination of kicks and snares. Chris Leary, the name behind Ochre, perpetuated the success of his music with use of the internet. He won a online remix contest held by Rephlex artist Global Goon. Shortly after the London based label, Toytronic, released his debut E.P entitled A Midsummer Nice Dream . The E.P is very concise, and ultimately satisfying in it's look towards composition. I do think though there is some inspiration gathered from some film composers like Badalamenti , and Philip Glass. Drawing from those melodic ideas and then furthering them with a great sense of rhythm.

Sticklebrick Symphony.mp3

Breakbeat Phase Remix.mp3

Zelda Remix.mp3

Like I Love You Remix.mp3


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Timberlake remix is fucking great. i love how they cut up all the vocals but left just a couple lines intact. Do you thing Justin's heard it?


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