Say Hi To Your Mom

Say Hi To Your Mom puts me in a specific place. A nice place where rock hipsters roam with laptop nerds collaborating to form some sort of agreement. Lyrically it makes you feel like your reading the free form diary of a 'poet of the future'. Words with a personal stamp which could easily be tapped into by art-school attendees from Williamsburg to Silverlake. From the shoe gazing, and hook filled "But She Beat My High Score" to the caustic cultural insight of "Pop Music of The Future," Say Hi To Your Mom is consoling during those sleepiness nights. It's almost to the musical equivalent to that friend that you think is flaking on you for sure, but than calls at the last second.

To purchace Say Hi To Your Mom's 2004 release Numbers & Mumbles click here.


She Beat My High Score.mp3

Pop Music Of Future.mp3


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