Spartan Fidelity

Spartan Fidelity is a duo of brothers. Cinjun and Shelby Tate were formally in the band, Remy Zero (most recently there song "Fair" was featured in the film Garden State.). Unfortunately, Remy Zero does not make music together anymore. Though upon listening to Spartan Fidelity's Excava-11, it is clear that Cinjun and Shelby are presently on a creative rampage. They shed their pop/rock identity and now don a different cloak. Cinjun's angelic voice still swarms through the speakers. The song writing is still personal, and mysterious. Lyrics you break like code which allows for a fulfilling triumph. But something integral changed. Something got switched on and I like it... a lot. I think this project allows Cinjun and company to progress somewhere that the Remy Zero ship did not go. I am looking forward to the rest of this journey. Even-though I tend to step cautiously, I believe venturing to this place will be very enlightening.

To purchase Excava-11 click here.

Broken Drum.mp3


A Needle In the Grinding Eye.mp3


Anonymous juanita said...

I liked Remy Zero and this stuff is great.

Anyway, I heard one of your guest spots on KPFK and you played a song by 13 + God, do you know where I can find it? fusionstyle@gmail.com


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