Simon Heselev

This will mark the first ever exclusive track on the device, and it is a real treasure. I'm sure it will wet all your pallets for what is to come from composer/producer Simon Heselev . Some of Simon's pieces have been scattered throughout CBS television's CSI franchise. His compositions hit really deep, swearing off any sort of urgency adding to the cinematic quality of the music. Some of you might also want to check out the work he did with author Kurt Vonnegut . It is available at the Itunes music store if you click here .


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The Books and Prefuse 73

When two artist I love collaborate, I get this special feeling. Kind of a gleeful touching emotion. Sort of like when I was younger and I witnessed The Flintstones meet The Jetsons , but cooler than that . When I heard this colab though, I had to take a step back. I let it go on repeat for a while. It was great.

Pagina Dos.mp3

Below is older song from The Books' Thought For Food:

All Your Base Belong to Them.mp3

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Colored Shadows Formally Known As 1984


So there is no information on Colored Shapes beacause their name is Colored Shadows . My bad . You can click up on the heading for their hompage. You can find their E.P at Amoeba Records in San Fransisco or Hollywood. They are also playing this Saturday in L.A , April 2nd, at Spaceland . They are performing with Asobi Seksu, and Vagenius. Colored Shadows is most definitely a pop/rock outfit that holds a level of decadence. If you enjoy The Dears , and secretly wished they bought a vocoder; look no further.


Smile Dark.mp3



What happens when you give the drum machine quaaludes? I'm not entirely sure, but it might sound something like Signaldrift . The songs contain frequencies that lock in and cradle the listener. The latest release , Girl amazes with meticulous production, and compelling, ambient elements. Glitchy dub, and these light synth pads combined with carefully picked kicks and snares. This record strays a little from his older efforts on the Wobblyhead Label but Girl has wonderful usage of space which lends to the music's hopeful properties.

Little Girl In The Woods.mp3

Pregnant Pause.mp3

From the album, Compass on Wobblyhead.

Welcome Ceylon.mp3

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Greg Weeks

Fumbling around some semi-older records, I somewhat re-discovered Greg Weeks , and I'm very glad I did. There is something about the melodies that Weeks writes; they stick with me. I find myself humming them at the most random moments. This is a good thing. There something about the resonant factor of noise he weaves in an out of songs. Like sounds you would hear on a Soft Machine record placed in these well-rounded floor-gazing, folk tunes.

2001's Awake Like Sleep is an experimental record. Ethereal woodwinds, organs, bedroom electronics alongside simple, yet touching lyrics.

Ash Rising.mp3

Sleep Right.mp3

On the 2002 release Slightly West , he makes some what of a return to his folkier side, but is still willing to take risks as far as what sounds are safe, because really who needs safe all the time.

Unsettled By The Sun.mp3

Settle Down.mp3

Acuarela Records


Good Treatment For The Course - Chaise Magazine

Chaise is much more than your normal 'zine'. It's an exploration in sensory capacity. It is a device of the future. Successfully juxtaposing electronica compositions with eye widening animation. It's part music video art, part periodical with a splash of cultural savvy. Chaise has the utmost respect of the artistry it presents. It differs from the way other media showcases talent, in the sense that it's actually participating with the art rather that commenting on it. More an more you see music mags on newsstands that combine quality design and quality music and this takes that forward with a grand head of steam. Oh yeah, and it's free.

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Chaise 2 Trailer

Laura Veirs

When Laura Veirs shakes the the folk tree it seems she spills some sort of magic dust on all of us. Lyrically, It's like you are having Her over for coffee and She needs to share these thoughts with you. I didn't make a best of '04 list but if I did I would have to include Carbon Glacier . It has these indie-folk sensibilities but weaving in all these elements of sophistication all tucked nicely in this well made musical bed. Veirs is not afraid to venture to avenues of non-linear song craft and incorporate subtle synth sounds, and sparse distortion to help propel her all encompassing ideal. I should say that if you own any Mirah records you should really look into this one. The full length, Carbon Glacier came out on Nonesuch records. If you are interested in purchasing this record click here .

Ether Sings.mp3

Anne Bonny Rags.mp3


The Remote Viewer

The Remote Viewer provides much needed tranquility. Calming and simple music that travels like a micro house jam, but shares an affection for the boom-bap, as well as the boop-bleep. Each drum click or percussive fuzz progresses the track further. The layering in, and, tinkering of scattered vocal samples collect to form a stable center, and allow for the listener to tap into the warm sounds . This track is selected from their 2002 release, Here I Go Again On My Own , on the City Centre Offices label.

Spend More Time With Me.mp3


Big System Morsels

Before I head out to Las Vegas for the weekend, I need to share with you this wonderful compilation from the 2player music imprint . Big System Morsels insures no body part will be left un-shook. Some readers might remember the prowess of My Kill Jack's On who makes his home with this Los Angeles based label. From ambient soundscape to thrilling micro tech assualt, from pulsating break beat to swelling string samples, Big System Morsels leaves you with partly with the taste of sweet candy, and the other part is more like gun powder.

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Parkways.mp3 - Benn Jordan

Farbar is Lost.mp3 - Dot Matrix

Onepoint.mp3 - The Twiterring Machine