Greg Weeks

Fumbling around some semi-older records, I somewhat re-discovered Greg Weeks , and I'm very glad I did. There is something about the melodies that Weeks writes; they stick with me. I find myself humming them at the most random moments. This is a good thing. There something about the resonant factor of noise he weaves in an out of songs. Like sounds you would hear on a Soft Machine record placed in these well-rounded floor-gazing, folk tunes.

2001's Awake Like Sleep is an experimental record. Ethereal woodwinds, organs, bedroom electronics alongside simple, yet touching lyrics.

Ash Rising.mp3

Sleep Right.mp3

On the 2002 release Slightly West , he makes some what of a return to his folkier side, but is still willing to take risks as far as what sounds are safe, because really who needs safe all the time.

Unsettled By The Sun.mp3

Settle Down.mp3

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