Laura Veirs

When Laura Veirs shakes the the folk tree it seems she spills some sort of magic dust on all of us. Lyrically, It's like you are having Her over for coffee and She needs to share these thoughts with you. I didn't make a best of '04 list but if I did I would have to include Carbon Glacier . It has these indie-folk sensibilities but weaving in all these elements of sophistication all tucked nicely in this well made musical bed. Veirs is not afraid to venture to avenues of non-linear song craft and incorporate subtle synth sounds, and sparse distortion to help propel her all encompassing ideal. I should say that if you own any Mirah records you should really look into this one. The full length, Carbon Glacier came out on Nonesuch records. If you are interested in purchasing this record click here .

Ether Sings.mp3

Anne Bonny Rags.mp3


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