Simon Heselev

This will mark the first ever exclusive track on the device, and it is a real treasure. I'm sure it will wet all your pallets for what is to come from composer/producer Simon Heselev . Some of Simon's pieces have been scattered throughout CBS television's CSI franchise. His compositions hit really deep, swearing off any sort of urgency adding to the cinematic quality of the music. Some of you might also want to check out the work he did with author Kurt Vonnegut . It is available at the Itunes music store if you click here .


To purchase Simon Heselev's + Kurt Vonnegut's Tock Tick click here .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go Simon! Wall Lizard Music massive represent!

This shit is hot you people. Download and enjoy and then buy the record.

We've done all we can, it's up to you guys now...

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