Little Darla's Special Treat

I always look forward to these Little Darla compilations. I don't really purchase too many comps, but Darla always digs up choice tracks for their seasonal muster of talent. You can get a one year subscription to this series of CD's by clicking here . There are wonderfully selected songs taken not only from Darla's upcoming releases but also including friendly labels like Wobblyhead , and Audio Dregs .

Manual covering Don Johnson's theme from the TV series Miami Vice. A strange piece to cover, but I'm not objecting. I think it aids my freeway driving skills.

Crockett's Theme.mp3

Wobblyhead 's contribution to the Little Darla's summer volume is by the artist Magic Arrows who also were featured on the Frank Wobblyhead and Sons 7" series. This track is absolutely stunning; another world type vocals that bring to mind a Tomorrow Never Knows feel with the distorted guitars and ringing ominous sounds > Into the second half which is reminiscent of an Eno & Peter and Wolf melee. Beautiful stuff. I'll look forward to hearing good things from Magic Arrows .

She's A Light/Iowa.mp3


Mesu Kasumai vs. Haiku De Tat

Techno, meets L.A underground hip-hop. Mesu Kasumai's Global Now taged with a speedy "Mike, Aaron, and Eddie" acapella from the boys from Project Blowed . Stuttered and sloppy but it's hard to notice if you are dancing crazy. This is just a fun track brought to my attention as I was poking around My Space music, through a wonderful label out of France, Rolax records . Hope you enjoy.

Global Now - Mike, Aaron, and Eddie.mp3


Mood II Swing

Mood II Swing Guest DJ Set 4.4.05

Set #2.mp3

This set was an odd one

Randy Newman
Burn On
Major League Soundtrack
Curb Records

Vertical Jerk
Plug & Play 7"

Ramsey Lewis (Mr. Scruff Mix)
Do What You Wanna Do
Remixed 2

B.J Thomas
I May Never Get To Heaven
Scepter Records

Saturday Looks Good To Me
Since You Stole My Heart
Every Night

Temporary Residence

I like being able to count on a collective. There is a lot of trust that goes into it, Up until now, the mental list included three; Frank Wobblyhead, and
, Static Caravan , and Merck . I need to amend this list, as I make it concrete, to include Temporary Residence . There are many others independent label that I enjoy, and admire. There are the 4 that strike that certain something inside. Okay maybe five but that that's not the point...

These two artists below were the main drive behind my re-affirmed interest in the Temporary Residence Limited imprint.

Howard Hello is part sweet hello's, and part melancholic goodbye's. I love the way the drums sound on this record. There is something very intimate about their recordings idealistically and physically, it's like they let you hang out in the studio while they play.

More on Howard Hello here .


Sybarite is the moniker of one Xian Hawkins, and below are two tracks from his 2001 release Placement Issues . They really knock me back. Static Caravan released the vinyl 12" edition of Placement Issues which you can find here .


Identity #2.mp3


Mice Parade

Some songs are to good not to share. I'm kind of infatuated with Mice Parade and the whole Bubblecore imprint. Bem - Vinda Vontade is a welcoming album. It invites you in. It has a really comfortable couch and is kind of messy in an organized way. I could stay with in it's doors, just sit there . But nothing like 'this' lasts forever. 43.9 minutes is pretty good for me though.

More on Mice Parade here, and here .

Nights Wave.mp3

Mice Parade on Tour...

Also on Bubblecore

Igloo also puzzles and amazes me. Definite bossa-nova influence. This is a side project from Mice Parade's Adam Pierce .



Lateduster + Deceptikon

I like it when genre lines are blurred. I love it when they are totally erased. Lateduster is one of those bands that combine so many musical elements that I am used to hearing separately. I love that Merck is behind this re-issue of Easy Pieces . When ever I see the markings of Merck 12" my mouth waters a little.


Which brings me to Deceptikon's Lost Subject 12" which came out early '03 but I came across it only a few weeks ago. The work brings to mind full vivid imagery. It gives and we take. I got a hold of the 2004's Lost Subject CD, and it contains 15 songs which Merck released as two 12"s. You could throw an MC on one of these cuts and it would be turning + bobbing heads, but they stand on their own very well as instrumentals.

Ashes of Shanghai.mp3 unreleased bonus mp3 from Lost Subject 12."

Tape Loop.mp3