Lateduster + Deceptikon

I like it when genre lines are blurred. I love it when they are totally erased. Lateduster is one of those bands that combine so many musical elements that I am used to hearing separately. I love that Merck is behind this re-issue of Easy Pieces . When ever I see the markings of Merck 12" my mouth waters a little.


Which brings me to Deceptikon's Lost Subject 12" which came out early '03 but I came across it only a few weeks ago. The work brings to mind full vivid imagery. It gives and we take. I got a hold of the 2004's Lost Subject CD, and it contains 15 songs which Merck released as two 12"s. You could throw an MC on one of these cuts and it would be turning + bobbing heads, but they stand on their own very well as instrumentals.

Ashes of Shanghai.mp3 unreleased bonus mp3 from Lost Subject 12."

Tape Loop.mp3


Blogger Michael said...

Great post. Lateduster are from my neck of the woods, and I love their album. Good to see 'em get love from other people! I like that Deceptikon too.

Blogger Randy Z said...

Also like this music , btw I am making similar tracks , using this source www.lucidsamples.com
what about u guys?


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