Little Darla's Special Treat

I always look forward to these Little Darla compilations. I don't really purchase too many comps, but Darla always digs up choice tracks for their seasonal muster of talent. You can get a one year subscription to this series of CD's by clicking here . There are wonderfully selected songs taken not only from Darla's upcoming releases but also including friendly labels like Wobblyhead , and Audio Dregs .

Manual covering Don Johnson's theme from the TV series Miami Vice. A strange piece to cover, but I'm not objecting. I think it aids my freeway driving skills.

Crockett's Theme.mp3

Wobblyhead 's contribution to the Little Darla's summer volume is by the artist Magic Arrows who also were featured on the Frank Wobblyhead and Sons 7" series. This track is absolutely stunning; another world type vocals that bring to mind a Tomorrow Never Knows feel with the distorted guitars and ringing ominous sounds > Into the second half which is reminiscent of an Eno & Peter and Wolf melee. Beautiful stuff. I'll look forward to hearing good things from Magic Arrows .

She's A Light/Iowa.mp3


Blogger countrygrrl said...

manuals theme is better than the original...listening to it when i should be tucked up in the sheets..makes me think of wide open spaces with lots of tumbleweed and thats in scotland!

Blogger Michael said...

Love that Manual cover - sweet!

Blogger seep said...

eeeew... they sound a bit, well seeeerious with that version - i mean they outcheesed the original, i think... (don't get me wrong, i'm a HUGE miami vice fan and it's "all good" ...this one's pretty damn gooey though) > umm, justforfun i posted one of (too) many commodore64 versions here: http://seeep.free.fr/crockett.mp3 (*1987!!)...rock your pastel slip-ons. yo.

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