Mice Parade

Some songs are to good not to share. I'm kind of infatuated with Mice Parade and the whole Bubblecore imprint. Bem - Vinda Vontade is a welcoming album. It invites you in. It has a really comfortable couch and is kind of messy in an organized way. I could stay with in it's doors, just sit there . But nothing like 'this' lasts forever. 43.9 minutes is pretty good for me though.

More on Mice Parade here, and here .

Nights Wave.mp3

Mice Parade on Tour...

Also on Bubblecore

Igloo also puzzles and amazes me. Definite bossa-nova influence. This is a side project from Mice Parade's Adam Pierce .



Anonymous galen. said...

Ooh, cool, Mice Parade. Yeah, I first caught him on Scissorkick which made me immediately have respect for the band. In fact, I'm picking up tickets to his concert on May 5th in my city! (Toronto)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love frog, but I can't get other songs
Can you put others Igloo songs in this blog or maybe you can send them to my email!?
Best regards from Chile
PS: I have a lot of Mice Parade albums, if you want....kisses


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