The Music Meme Spreads

Total volume of music files on my computer:

I have around 110 gigs of music on my external hd at home. That works out to be 23,603 songs, and about 70 days in the Itunes. I have about 750 MB of stuff in my - new tunes playlist still to be listened to. I have a 40 gig ipod for library type listening, and an ipod mini I use for mixes, and my must have jazz tunes.

The last CD I bought was:

A Lazy Smoke retrospective called Corridor of Faces. Psychedelia from Massachusetts in the vein of Big Star or The Creation.

Song playing right now:

Right now I am listening to “Little Red Record Co.” by Damon and Naomi, which is ending and now it's "Land's End" by Patrick Wolf.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

“Everything You Need” by Adem, this songs warms me like mohair. just does.

“I Am Systematically In Love With You” by Plastik, tonal goodness. I have this on 45, I play it a lot. I had to digitize it because I am afraid I might mess up the vinyl.

“The Sun Is Still” by Freescha, I wish this song was longer but it fulfills even still. This is my night time canyon driving song. It very well could be classified as an opiate

“Amerlie” by Vetiver, It's melody is the driving force behind this song being so prevelant since I got the record. I find that it enters my brain, even if it has been some time since I have heard it.

“Machine Gun” by Slowdive - well, yeah...

Passing it on:



Maria Taylor

The first piece of music I listen to, to start my day, is important. I usually wake up craving a certain song, and the past couple mornings it has been the opening cut to Maria Taylor's new full length, 11:11. Taylor is one half of Azure Ray , the reposed, and bittersweet duo . The subdued romanticism is still prevalent. The course has progressed to something more mature though. The record sounds amazing and I would have to attribute that to Mike Mogis who producers, and arranges, for most of the Saddle Creek roster. Mogis always enriches with out making it complex. There is also contibutions from Cursive’s Gretta Cohn, Now It’s Overhead’s Andy LeMaster, and Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst. I think 11:11 could tend to serve a broader, older audience but the substance of the work is not sacrificed.

Leap Year.mp3

Speak Easy.mp3


Free Song Machine


Innerstance Beatbox/Def Harmonic

I had picked up Def Harmonic's Spaced Out 12" a couple of months ago. The title track has an infectious beat, and catchy radio friendly vocal hooks. It succeeded in being much funkier than the Milwaukee trio's previous efforts though not sacrificing too much of the substance. The Parliament influence is definitely underlined . The new full length, All These Worlds , is fulfilling at points when played with appropriate lighting and at maximum volume. As the days get longer, it helps propel oneself along infatuated with the idea of hearing it in a dank disco-tech that should belong in the future.

Spaced Out.mp3

J. Todd also produces under the moniker Innerstance Beatbox , and has released a full length entitled All The Little Boys Do Silly Dances under that name. It is a tranquil journey through hip-hop instrumentals. There also is this wonderfully funny, and chunky contribution to the Wobblyhead 7" series. This is cut is off one of our favorite 7" over at Mood II Swing.

I Am A Truck.mp3

Check out Frank Wobblyhead and Sons here .

From All The Little Boys Do Silly Dances



Break's Over

I'd like to apologize for the lack of posts lately. The musical intake has grown a little out of control, and needed to be regimented, and organized. There are so many records that I am excited about. A lot of which are featured on Other Music , this week. So much good music, it can get a little overwhelming. It's proper to take a step back evaluate, and then return triumphantly.

Populous feat. Dose One

Moving further into the enjoyment of collaborations. The ambient sounds and hopeful beats allow Dose to extend his imaginary prowess. Perfect to fill the void after you have played out the dizzying 13 & God release . You can come to Populous' new recording, entitled Queue For Love with eager ears, and those ears shall not be denied.

My Winter Vacation feat. Dose One.mp3