Break's Over

I'd like to apologize for the lack of posts lately. The musical intake has grown a little out of control, and needed to be regimented, and organized. There are so many records that I am excited about. A lot of which are featured on Other Music , this week. So much good music, it can get a little overwhelming. It's proper to take a step back evaluate, and then return triumphantly.

Populous feat. Dose One

Moving further into the enjoyment of collaborations. The ambient sounds and hopeful beats allow Dose to extend his imaginary prowess. Perfect to fill the void after you have played out the dizzying 13 & God release . You can come to Populous' new recording, entitled Queue For Love with eager ears, and those ears shall not be denied.

My Winter Vacation feat. Dose One.mp3


Anonymous ariela said...

ooo i like this one.


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