Innerstance Beatbox/Def Harmonic

I had picked up Def Harmonic's Spaced Out 12" a couple of months ago. The title track has an infectious beat, and catchy radio friendly vocal hooks. It succeeded in being much funkier than the Milwaukee trio's previous efforts though not sacrificing too much of the substance. The Parliament influence is definitely underlined . The new full length, All These Worlds , is fulfilling at points when played with appropriate lighting and at maximum volume. As the days get longer, it helps propel oneself along infatuated with the idea of hearing it in a dank disco-tech that should belong in the future.

Spaced Out.mp3

J. Todd also produces under the moniker Innerstance Beatbox , and has released a full length entitled All The Little Boys Do Silly Dances under that name. It is a tranquil journey through hip-hop instrumentals. There also is this wonderfully funny, and chunky contribution to the Wobblyhead 7" series. This is cut is off one of our favorite 7" over at Mood II Swing.

I Am A Truck.mp3

Check out Frank Wobblyhead and Sons here .

From All The Little Boys Do Silly Dances



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