Ring The Line One More Time

A gem, a diamond. I love the transforming phone line noise. It gives it this futuristic feel...

Overseas Operator.mp3

I have much love for Space Age Pop, for sharing this one.


Andrew Broder - More Modern Hits

Fog, AKA Andrew Broder, adds some of this and a little bit of that, to rebuild some hip-hop tracks from the ground up. Fluxblog touched on this project a little ways back with some words on Jay Z's re-working. The Ep's though, begins to take shape when they get into the MC's who take more risks with their word play. The new instrumentation adds emotion and escalation. There is much respect for the apparent poetic talent, but some these tracks play much better with the improved beats and melodies. Broder uses his knowledge of both hip-hop, and alt-pop song-craft to bring the ideals of the songs to another level.

One Mic - NaS

Follow The Leader - Rakim

To purchace the Modern Hits Ep's click here .


Prefuse Reads The Books

When I saw that Nick Zammuto and Paul De Jong (The Books) were guesting on the new Prefuse record. I got excited. Two of my favorite acts collaborating, joining forces with their sample libraries, an mpc, a file cabinet, and a cello. The track "Pagina Dos " did not disappoint. When I learned of this 8 track EP of collaborations, I swear my vertical jump rose several inches. I was chomping at the bit.

Pagina Tres.mp3

Pagina Seis.mp3


The Books

Prefuse 73

Warp Records



Moodgadget is an online label based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. It's a side project from the Atmosphere collective who are always dedicated in bringing the best in experimental music, and design. It is made up of artists, musicians, writers, and other creatives who have joined together to support their fellow craftsmen; together developing as artists. Strength in numbers, without a doubt.

There is this compilation floating around . A showcase of Moodgadget offerings.

Moodgadget - Random Number... Colors Start

Cute Little Puppy Gods.mp3 - Iggy Ignotius

Prort Key.mp3 - Wisp

Les Differences Secretes Entre Moi Et Ma Femme.mp3 - Benoit Pioulard



Some records you are meant to find. Such was the case with the tasty 'Dust and Guitars' 7". A lucky find, I thought. Though I didn't realize how lucky until I got it home and put it on the turntable. About a day or so later, I was perusing Scissorkick , and I came across another wonderful tune. I thought about this and how it pertains to fate. I was supposed to find that 7" . I dropped a comment on that post through which, the trio that make up d_rradio found the Device.

They liked it here, and I liked it that they did.

So without further blabbering, I give you guys a special unreleased track from the recording sessions for their new record. This wondeful tune will not be featured on the new release; so get those right-clicks ready.

The track has this wonderful piano line that is kind of other worldly sounding, laid with chunky drums, and ambient textures. It is sure to bring out much needed introspection. Well, at least it did for me.


Resources and Links

To purchase d_rradio's full length album Underscore click here.

They also have their own blog .

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