Beck and Ramsey Lewis

Okay So Check It; I am not the biggest Beck fan in the world but I do listen, and like most of what I hear. So what I am about to say might be obvious to those more devoted Beck lovers. I was listening to Midnite Vultures , in particular the song, Debra, and I noticed it sounded so familiar especially the base line. Then, it dawned on me. Ramsey Lewis . So, well, just listen for your self.

Debra.mp3 - Beck

My Love For You.mp3 - Ramsey Lewis

To Purchase Ramsey Lewis' Funky Serenity click here.

To Purchase Beck's Midnite Vultures click here .


Sparrows and Swallows - Mix


'I thought I lost that'

It was early last saturday morning like around 4 or so. I was working with my Tivo queue to organize some programs, something clicked in my head. The color came first. Yellow, or at least I thought it was Yellow, but the color was the first memory. It Came First. A name, I need a name ah Figurine. It seems that this yellow Figurine CD had been lost, I think it was called Transportation + Communication = Love ; I search the house office for some tomb of a CD case buried under a throat guard, some bags of pencils, and what seems to be a collection of miniature houses in like a Tupperware container. Under the container, I see 2 stacks of CD cases the big Case Logic ones, all in varying sizes. I thought this stuff was gone forever. I don't have time to talk about the throat guard and the toy houses. I stared at these cases lost relics of a collection.

I gently let myself to the ground, and there I unzip the top case, and open it right to Figurine, but the CD was black. So the fact that I thought It was yellow, means nothing. Yellow being the first thing that popped into my brain. Yellow is a bright color. I wanted to find that CD so I think I made it yellow, the cover art might have been a bit yellow.... actually the cover was all yellow. The color was the just the flare of the process. The starting gun of searching and rescuing some old records I'd thought I'd lost in some scattered moves I've made .....

So from the mess of forgotten treasure, and the so bittersweet utterance of "I thought I lost that!"

Dntel makes up 1/3 of the formentioned band Figurine . Who blend up technoculture, and counter culture. They capture the immediacy of the outside world, and technology with old synths and drum machines, with a charm and an esteemed sense of presentation. It kind of seems like your being led on but your not; it's nice.


New Mate.mp3

The Trumpet Kings Meet Joe Turner , Dizzy Gillespie, Big Joe Turner, Harry Edison, Roy Eldridge, Clark Terry, Wow. I found this one when I flipped a couple of pages the other way. It's an all star cast, perfect for bluesy late-night mutterings to your best friend, interrupted by spontaneous dancing.

Mornin', Noon, and Night.mp3

I also found my Magnolia Soundtrack . A little Supertramp with the Phillip Baker Hall intro...

Goodbye Stranger.mp3