Beck and Ramsey Lewis

Okay So Check It; I am not the biggest Beck fan in the world but I do listen, and like most of what I hear. So what I am about to say might be obvious to those more devoted Beck lovers. I was listening to Midnite Vultures , in particular the song, Debra, and I noticed it sounded so familiar especially the base line. Then, it dawned on me. Ramsey Lewis . So, well, just listen for your self.

Debra.mp3 - Beck

My Love For You.mp3 - Ramsey Lewis

To Purchase Ramsey Lewis' Funky Serenity click here.

To Purchase Beck's Midnite Vultures click here .


Anonymous Dusty 'B' Goode said...

Sounds like Beck just lifted the whole track. No mention of/thank you's to Ramsey Lewis in the liner notes? That's pretty F'd up, no?

Blogger fusion said...

Sampling is cool, ripping off and no credit is not.

Blogger Cory said...

I don't have the liner notes in front of me. So I'm not sure credit was given to Mr. Lewis

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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